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29.09.2018 From Clinicians for Clinicians – UGRA Course; 29.09 – 30.09.2018, Chorzów, Poland
Dear Colleagues,

I would like to invite you to special edition ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia course. This time our school will be hosting the authors of the book "Ultrasonography in Anaesthesiology" - Wolf Armbruster
and Rüdiger Eichholz. They offer a systematic didactic approach to master ultrasound-guided procedures and interventions:

•    start with superficial anatomy and then, step by step, move on to an axial view on anatomic slices with clearly illustrated landmarks;
•    standardized scanning procedures help to identify the target structures.

The course learning aims are proper probe handling, sonographic anatomy learning and needle tip controlling -
the three preconditions for safe and successful performing of ultrasound-guided procedures.

Looking forward to seeing you,
Slawomir Mika M.Sc.
CEO of Górnośląska School of Ultrasonography,
Medica LLC, Poland